Backwards – a short story

Peter didn’t get out of bed today like every day to go to his dreaded cubicle at the office. No, he walked backwards towards the couch and switched on the television. Martha, his wife came to check up on her husband.
‘Why are you watching television, you have to go to your work.’
Peter said something; but she couldn’t make out wat. It was like it was something played backwards.
Peter laughed and cursed in front of the television set. Then he got up and ate his breakfast that had stood waiting for him.
Afterwards he did a nap on the couch.
Then he read the newspaper.
Finally, still backwards he left the house and drove his car backwards to work. Car drivers were honking like crazy, and he got the middle finger a couple of times.
Still in backward motion he greeted the secretary with gibberish and stepped towards his cubicle. He ran against Danny who let his coffee mug slip and it fell to the ground.
‘Peter, what on earth are you doing walking like that?’
Peter talked gibberish and sat down at his desk. He began calling customers he called yesterday already and talked absolute nonsense to them.
Eventually his boss came to give him a proper scolding.
Peter heard the reproach and then looked at his watch. It was noon. He stood up, left his boss astound and went to eat a sandwich from a shop. Ordering it was a great ordeal because he didn’t make himself understandable.
Back in the building his boss said he was fired.
Peter went back home, drank coffee, read the newspapers and put on the television. Then he went to sleep. Backwards.