The haunted cemetery – a flash fiction

I never liked the cemetery where my grandfather is buried. The silence is deafening. People shuffle around between graves. I feel confined as if I was in a coffin myself.
It was last autumn, the rain decided to ruin this trip to the final resting place of my childhood hero.

It was quiet on the graveyard. There was no living soul to witness.
Suddenly, while I put flowers on my grandfather’s grave, I heard a moaning. It went over in a grunt.
I turned quickly around. I got scared like never in my live before. There stood a walking zombie. It was once a woman. And she seemed hungry.
I could probably outrun her. But I was paralyzed with fear.

She bit me in the hand. I immediately felt a sense of death. A shovel near me left by the gravedigger sufficed to behead her. But the evil was done. I used a handkerchief to bind the wound together.
It kept stinging and bleeding.

Outside the cemetery there was a lot of traffic. I took the only reasonable decision before I turned.
A sportscar came speeding around the corner, I threw myself in front of his tires.

I could have saved me the suicide attempt. I was already impervious to death. Grunting I stood up and attacked the driver who rushed out of his car to call an ambulance.
I believe I ate his nose.
I existed as a walking dead until a policemen shot me through the head on Park Avenue.

Void goes into town – a short story

He brushed his gray hair, he had put gel in it to make it stay in position. He wore a black shirt, a grey jeans and white sneakers. On his face rested a pair of sunglasses.

Normally you would find him in a jogging trouser with a T-shirt working on his computer. But he got trolled very hard online, now they hacked his computer. And somebody had to pay for that.
The IP-tracker showed no signs of a VPN, what means it was a real IP-address. It came from in the neighborhood. The hacker could live a street away from him.
Michael just would have called a computer repair service. But not Void. This was personal. Touch my laptop and die was his motto. He pulled his razor-sharp bowie knife out of his belt, slashed a plant with it standing in the living room. Dad loved plants. Void found them useless and destroyed them rather.
He put on his leather jacket and left the house.
The smartphone led him to a villa in the next street. He rang the doorbell.
‘Yes?’ an elderly man asked after opening the door.
‘Is your son at home?’ Void asked.
‘Yes, he is studying.’
‘Studying to break into computers you mean?’
‘Who are you?’ the man asked irritated.
That was the wrong action, and every action caused a reaction.
So, the sharp blade sliced his throat. The body collapsed. The man desperately tried to keep his severed artery from pumping blood in the air.
Void whistled a tune out of the movie ‘A streetcar named desire’ and stepped inside. He saw light in the basement. Just the place where you could find rodents.
He kicked down the locked door and jumped the stairs. A baffled twenty-year old stood frozen in front of his desktop, his gaming chair fell to the floor.
‘I am here to let you know my laptop is off-limits, punk.’
‘What are you going to do with that knife.’
Void stabbed him in the leg.
‘I hit your carotid artery; you are gonna bleed to dead if you don’t get a tourniquet soon. I’ll be happy to call an ambulance if you give me all your money.’
He whined and sighed. He gestured to his head to a chest on the table. Void turned the lock with the key that was attached to it and found five hundred dollars.
He put them in his pocket.
‘Now are you going to call the ambulance?’ the boy asked desperately.
‘No, I am not in the mood. I’ve got money to spend, seek something to tie the artery close with. You have about ten minutes for you pass out.’
Void left the house in a happy mood. He smoked a cigarette. Michael had quit smoking, Void did not. He went home and put the glasses back on after having washed the gel out of his hair and a change of clothes.

Michael asked himself where the three hours went after he took his nap.

Erased – a short story

Nobody figured it out first.
People were vanishing.
The missing persons reports started with Roxy.
She was just gone in the morning. T<
he nurses stood for a riddle.
Michael was a lonely figure, smoking outside in the small garden designated for those activities. In the psychiatric ward, there were always groups. People talking to people. Michael wasn’t lucky. The only one with who he could talk left yesterday. He returned to his room in a gloomy mood that could grow into a suicidal plan.
He took a large paper out of his desk drawer. It was filled with names in pencil.
‘They are too tight. One of them is going to have to go. I’ll erase the French-speaking one.’
He used the back of the pencil to erase the name with the gum.
‘Celine isn’t in her room. I can’t find her anywhere,’ Sophie whaled.
‘She must be here somewhere,’ answered Sandy, an excellent nurse with beautiful features and raven black hair.
They searched the entire ward. She has vanished.
‘We will have to report it to the police,’ said the head nurse.
‘There is something wrong. Celine wouldn’t run away, surely not without telling me,’ said Sophie, who was worried sick about her friend.
‘That’s two disappearances in two days. They never found Roxy. We have to tighten security around here,’ doctor Herremans said. She was the head of the department and the psychiatrist of the ward.

Michael smoked his cigarette in peace. The first one of the day. He ignored the commotion. This was only the beginning.
As long as he had the magic pencil with eraser, he could choose who stayed at the institution and who got erased.


Backwards – a short story

Peter didn’t get out of bed today like every day to go to his dreaded cubicle at the office. No, he walked backwards towards the couch and switched on the television. Martha, his wife came to check up on her husband.
‘Why are you watching television, you have to go to your work.’
Peter said something; but she couldn’t make out wat. It was like it was something played backwards.
Peter laughed and cursed in front of the television set. Then he got up and ate his breakfast that had stood waiting for him.
Afterwards he did a nap on the couch.
Then he read the newspaper.
Finally, still backwards he left the house and drove his car backwards to work. Car drivers were honking like crazy, and he got the middle finger a couple of times.
Still in backward motion he greeted the secretary with gibberish and stepped towards his cubicle. He ran against Danny who let his coffee mug slip and it fell to the ground.
‘Peter, what on earth are you doing walking like that?’
Peter talked gibberish and sat down at his desk. He began calling customers he called yesterday already and talked absolute nonsense to them.
Eventually his boss came to give him a proper scolding.
Peter heard the reproach and then looked at his watch. It was noon. He stood up, left his boss astound and went to eat a sandwich from a shop. Ordering it was a great ordeal because he didn’t make himself understandable.
Back in the building his boss said he was fired.
Peter went back home, drank coffee, read the newspapers and put on the television. Then he went to sleep. Backwards.

The search for Simmelweiss – a short story

‘We have to find Simmelweiss; his assistant is a miser. He underpaid us,’ said Helena.
‘You got to drain him of some blood, so consider the matter settled,’ grinned Eddy.
‘I have a map of the city and a pendulum. I need something personal of Simmelweiss to track him,’ Amaryllis explained.
‘Well, we’d best go to his office then,’ Jed answered.
The office of Simmelweiss was on the third floor. It was luxurious and filled with exotic artifacts, a huge bookcase, and a couple of exquisite paintings against the wall.
Eddy helped himself to a drink from the bar.
‘Eddy, you are stealing from the doctor,’ Helena said.
‘Oh, he can miss a bit of Scotch. He is richer than Elon Musk.’
‘I see his glasses. That’s bad news,’ said Amaryllis ‘the professor would not go anywhere without his spectacles. But I can use it to track him.’=
Slowly in circular movements, the pendulum moved above the map. It stopped at the apartment block of a rough neighborhood.
‘Yes, we are going to need our weapons to retrieve him. Hopefully, he is still alive,’ Eddie said.

The van drove to the designated place. The streets were filthy. Litter was everywhere, torn garbage bags were all over the place, as was graffiti.
Jed kicked down the entrance they sealed off with a rusty chain. Because he was a vampire, his power was incredible. He was already a muscular and tall figure, but the transformation made his power peak.
In daily life, he was, however, an amiable introvert.
He held his AK-47 clenched in his hands and started scanning the environment, aided by Debbie, whose psychic abilities could pick up thoughts.
‘They are two floors above us. On the stairs, there are sentinels,’ she said with closed eyes.
‘We’ll have to kill them quietly.’
‘We have our vampiric speed.’ Helena answered.
They skulked through the hallway to the entrance of the first stair hall.
Debbie took the brain over from the armed guard before Eddy opened the door and, in a flash, grabbed hold of him and drained him of his blood.
‘Yuk, he ate garlic for lunch.’
‘Be quiet, next one is for me,’ whispered Helena.
The same scenario went down on the second floor.
On the third floor, there were footsteps of people coming down the stairs fast.
‘shit, there are security cameras,’ said Jed, pointing at one of them.
Amaryllis started crafting a spell. Debbie took control of one mind and ordered her thrall to shoot the person next to him. Gunshots
Eventually, the door opened, and two heavily armed zombies came through staggering.
Amarylis extended her hands and spread her fingers. The zombies turned to dust.
‘Good, that leaves only one remaining demon. I pick up his disgusting thoughts. He is outraged, said Debbie.
‘I sense his power. He is no small-time demon. We have to watch out,’ Amaryllis warned them.
‘We stopped Asmodeus; I think we take on this one too.’ said Eddy barging in complete confidence.
Then they heard him shouting in fear. He was panicking as if his life was in the balance.
Amaryllis ordered the others to stop. She crafted fast a spell that gave protection to all sorts of sorcery.
Then they went in.
Debbie took a shot at a very tall man with black eyes and white hair. He looked somewhat like a scarecrow.
The bullet went through a fog. The creature could materialize and dematerialize himself at will.
Jed fired a grenade. The fog blew further apart.
Amaryllis conjured a spell containing the separate pieces of the fog in an invisible forcefield. Debbie did the same with her psychic abilities.
Eddy sat in a corner with his hands before his eyes, whimpering.
‘A Scarecrow demon,’ Helena snarled, ‘they bring your worst fears to life.’
‘What’s Eddy’s biggest fear?’ asked Debbie.
‘He’ll have to tell you it himself,’ Helena said briskly.
Jed had found Simmelweiss also paralyzed from fear.
He punched the doctor to wake him out of his catatonic state.
He didn’t know his strength and hit the doctor pretty hard.
‘Stop it, fool, your killing him,’ Helena yelled.
Amaryllis cast several spells.
One killed the demon.
It fell in bloody pieces on the floor.
The other made Eddy come to his senses and cured doctor Simmelweiss.
‘Good, let’s get out of here,’ said Helena.
A couple of zombies charged the entrance. Jed took care of them with a grenade.
‘It’s wise to leave. I’ll open a portal to the doctor his office. You take hold of him and carry him through,’ Amaryllis said.
‘Boy, this dude is heavy,’ Eddie said ‘he must way a ton.’
‘I always suspected a starving man in him,’ Jed answered.
In his office, they realized Simmelweiss hadn’t got a pulse anymore. He also had stopped breathing.
‘What are you doing in my father’s office,’ a sharp, nasal voice asked angrily.
They turned to a man looking as a spitting image like Simmelweiss, only thinner and thirty years younger.’
‘We went to rescue your abducted father.’
‘He seems dead.’
‘Yes, things went badly.’
‘Fine, from now on, you sell demons to me, you hear. And I want them alive, or I don’t pay a penny for them. Thousand dollars for a zombie and low-level scum, ten thousand for an Archdemon or a King.’
‘A King is worth more.’
‘Take it or leave it, mister,’ he pushed against Eddie’s chest with his index finger.
‘Nice ring,’ said Eddy ‘I want him.’ He tried to hypnotize the son of Simmelweiss.
‘Nice trick, but it won’t work. I carry vervain with me. I always carry it with me as well as this blessed silver cross.’
‘We will make contact with you, sir,’ Helena said, hiding her anger ‘we have to decide if we still want to work for you.’
‘You got 48 hours. Then I seek replacements,’ the young man said deviously ‘by the way, you can call me Sir Rockwell. They knighted me, you know.’
‘I thought you were called Simmelweiss.’
‘Such a ridiculous name. I changed it when I was eighteen,’ the man ridiculed Amaryllis.

Defeated by the loss of the old Simmelweiss, the group returned to their apartment none of them wanted, but Asmodeus burned their house down, so they had to rent a shithole.
‘I don’t like that Rockwell prick,’ Eddie said. ‘I wanted to suck him dry.’
‘Maybe you’ll get the chance for that later. We wait 48 hours and phone him we will work for him on certain terms,’ said Helena.

Fighting Superman and suckering him into hell – a short story

‘Metropolis, where the fuck are we?’ Eddy asked, furious.
‘There was a problem with the portal,’ Amaryllis explained, ‘we are on a different earth in a different dimension.’
‘That’s great. I need a drink,’ Eddy said, and he hypnotized a pedestrian.
Sucking the blood out of his artery in the neck, he heard a noise.
Something in the air.
‘Leave that man alone, creature,’ a commanding voice said.
In the air was the blue-red hero floating, Superman, Kal-El from Krypton.
‘Mind your fucking business, freak. I am having lunch. I don’t kill him; I borrow some of his blood.’
‘You have no permission to do that. I saw you hypnotizing the man. Release him or face the consequences.’
Eddie drew his six-shooter and opened fire.
He hit Superman in the heart. But the bullets ricocheted just off him.
Superman punched Eddie. He flew backward, the street over, and landed hard against a wall.
Eddie shook his head to retain consciousness.
Debbie and Jed opened fire, and Helena stabbed Superman with her magic knife. The bullets had no effect, not even the headshot from Debbie. But Helena cut his arm with her Witchblade.
‘You…you have a blade of kryptonite,’ Superman said, surprised. ‘I’ll have to deal with you right away.’=
Superman used his heat vision.
Amaryllis made a protective barrier around Helena. Amaryllis deflected the rays of Superman’s eyes.
Jed used his grenade launcher.
The impact made The Man of Steel stumble.
But it didn’t do any damage.
Amarylis gestured and whispered an arcane text.
Superman froze. He couldn’t move anymore.
‘Quickly, I open a portal to the hell to go hunting. He will be able the move in a minute.’
‘I am glad we got rid of that obnoxious boy scout.’ said Eddy.
The team jumped through the portal and landed in a dark cave. The stench of sulfur hung in the air.
‘That’s better. Let’s kill some demons. Simmelweiss will pay good money for their corpses. They’ll end up as painkillers or something like that,’ Eddie grinned.
‘Not too enthusiastic. This place is dangerous,’ said Helena.
Amaryllis scanned the area.
Debbie tried to pick up thoughts.
There were no demons in the immediate vicinity.
‘This is going to be a long day,’ sighed Helena ‘they all retreated to the ninth circle of hell. We will have to do with a superior fighting force.’
‘I have an idea,’ Eddie said ‘Ama open a portal to that boy scout. Maybe we can lure him here and make him attack the demons.’
‘Are you sure?’ asked Amaryllis.
‘Darn right,’ Eddie grinned.
Amaryllis gestured and made a circular movement with her hand. She spoke strange words.
A portal opened, and they saw Superman flying towards it.
‘He is falling for it,’ Eddie laughed.
‘We better hide. He should attack the demons, not us.’
‘I make us invisible,’ said Debbie using her psychic abilities.
Superman flew quickly, navigating through the tunnels and reaching the ninth circle in minutes. The army of demons attacked. But the Man of Steel was too strong for them. He smashed them all unconscious. Satan was the only one that was a match for him. Superman got stabbed with a shard of kryptonite and landed hurt on the floor.
‘You’ll pay for this intrusion, alien!’
Then the team of Eddie appeared. Amaryllis zapped Superman back to his homeworld. Eddie killed some demons, and Jed and Debbie followed his example.
‘Not too much of them,’ warned Helena, ‘we must be able to carry them home.’
Satan marched towards them. Amaryllis opened a portal, and the team dragged the killed demons through it, arriving at the new apartment of Eddie and Helena.
Asmodeus torched the house they wanted to buy, but the new home was comfortable.
Satan cursed them while the portal closed.
‘Okay, let’s load them in the van and bring them to Simmelweiss,’ Eddie said.

They parked the van in the garage of Simmelweiss’s factory.
‘Herr Simmelweiss has disappeared,’ said a worried assistant ‘he is unreachable.’
‘You pay us, boy, and we go seeking Simmelweiss. We’ll bring him back in one piece, I promise.’ said Eddie.

To be continued.

Lizzie is here! – about life

Lizzie is sleeping now. She discovered the house, garden, her cushion and toy with the smell in from her mother and brother and sisters. She has eaten en drank water. She left a little smelly surprise in the kitchen, but shit happens. We still love her with all our heart.

Her owner had it difficult to say goodbye. I understand. Lizzie is the sweetest dog you can imagine. She was brave in the car and didn’t bark. I petted her and got some licks on my face.

This means I am responsible for a friend. I have to get my own life back in order.

I will keep blogging, but I hope that you understand that I have to spend much time with Lizzie. So, I write a few poems less. But there still will be new content on my site.

Greetings from Lizzie and Michaël

Eddy’s squad against the Avengers – a short story

It couldn’t go on unnoticed. Eddy drinking blood from bystanders, causing hundred thousand in damages. New York would react, and it would send out its defenders. The avengers!
The Quinjet landed right in front of the house they bought from the dead man who was the slave of Asmodeus, a demon they bested.
Ironman appeared.
‘Ladies and not so gentlemen, outside with your hands up.’
‘Helena who is that meatball in the iron suit,’ Eddy asked.
‘Fuck, that are the fucking avengers,’ said Debbie in shock.
‘Language, dear,’ Eddy said still not understanding the gravity of the situation ‘with such a pottymouth you can’t expect to suck humans dry.’
‘Don’t you understand? They are her to arrest us.’
‘Arrest us, I now my constitutional rights,’ Eddy screamed, he pulled his six-shooter and opened the front door. He emptied the gun on Ironman’s armor.
‘Throw away the gun, please, before someone gets hurt,’ said Ironman.
‘Persistent bugger, aren’t ya.’ Eddy said and he got inside to fetch his rocket launcher he kept for larger demons.
This time he managed to severely damage Ironman’s armor. Captain America summoned to attack. The Hulk came crashing to the kitchen. Thor blew his way through the ceiling.
Amaryllis came out of her room and saw it happening.
Her friends were beaten mercilessly.
She trembled with anger and summoned a spell that was particularly potent.
Every enemy from the avengers appeared in the street and was there with a single goal.
To destroy the avengers.
‘Look out it’s doctor Doom and Kang the Conqueror,’ said Captain America.
The avengers fought for their life.
‘Maybe not such a smart move, kiddo,’ Eddy said to Amaryllis ‘now we have to help these clowns.’
Helena shot her crossbow with exploding arrows. She damaged Ultron, a dangerous artificial lifeform dedicated to end all biological life.
Hawkeye also was adept with his bow. He took out some other super villains.
Eddy knocked hydra-agents out cold and took on the Red Skull.
‘Ich bin dein Meister, Vampyr,’ the Red Skull said.
‘Yeah, sure buddy. Here you go,’ Eddy kicked the Skull out of a room on the sixth floor.
Amaryllis revoked the spell. All enemies disappeared immediately.
‘You aren’t supervillains teaming up against us,’ said Captain America.
‘That still makes them no innocent civilians, Steve,’ Ironman said mad because his fancy armor was busted.
‘Can somebody call of this green freak, he is bashing the walls,’ Debbie yelled.’
‘Come friend Hulk we go our way, these vampires are no enemies of us,’ said Thor and he pulled Hulk out of the kitchen.
‘Look let’s keep this nice and simple. You handle the demons, and we take care of the other threats. I know Simmelweiss pays you for their corpses but none of us here are boy scouts. You can live with that, capice?’ said Ironman.
Eddy grinned. ‘On one condition, let me suck some blood of that green behemoth of yours.’
‘You really want no gamma radiated blood in your body, mister….’
‘Eddy, just Eddy. Or call me the Dude.’
‘Leave him, Steve, he is definitely crazy.’ Ironman sighed.
After that the Avengers went their way, and the gang went seeking for a new house.

The puppeteer (conclusion) – a short story

The team returned exhausted to their apartment.
Amaryllis sensed something evil enveloping the city.
‘He is here. He is trying to possess everyone. I do a quick chant to ward us off evil, so he can’t control us.’
‘I am dying for some blood,’ Eddie said.
‘I am famished too,’ Helena complained.
‘Let’s get out and have lunch,’ Jed said.
‘I agree with my husband,’ Debbie added.
‘It isn’t save going outside now,’ Amaryllis warned them.
‘It’s that or dying of thirst,’ Eddie remarked.
They emerged from the emergency exit. The scene that was taking place for their eyes was hellish.
Men and women attacked each other with everything that served as a weapon. Some laid unconscious on the pavement; others were dead.’
‘We have to stop this,’ Helena growled.
‘First, we have to find Asmodeus.’
‘Let’s drink first.’
They grabbed a couple of fighting pedestrians.
They clawed to regain their freedom.
The vampires drank from their arteries till they had enough.
Helena was a shredder. She killed the one she was feeding on.
It was somebody that just had murdered a mother and child, so she didn’t feel about killing him.
Suddenly the streets were swarming with people. They all chanted and turned their weapons towards Eddy and his group.
‘Asmodeus is controlling them,’ Amaryllis said, ‘I can break his hold, but I need a sacrifice.’
‘Which sacrifice?’
‘Someone of us has to be dissolved by the spirit force so these people can return to normal.’
‘I do it,’ Jed said.
‘Jed, baby, know, you can’t possibly mean this,’ Debbie yelled.
‘I sacrifice myself for the common good,’ Jed replied.
‘We will find a way to get you back from the spirit force,’ said Amaryllis ‘you won’t have to stay long there.’
They agreed. Amaryllis closed her eyes and started a chant. Suddenly, she touched Jed and shoved him. His spirit came loose and ascended in a ball of light in the sky.
All the possessed dropped their weapons and rubbed their heads, surprised how they ended up there.
‘You foiled my plans for the last time,’ the emerging Demon King barked.
He stood on a rooftop. He incarnated in a beast with three heads, riding a predator.
Helena and Debbie opened fire. But the Archdemon dodged the bolt and bullet.
Eddy pulled something out of his pocket. He removed the pin with his teeth and threw the object at the demon. It was a grenade.
Asmodeus fell from the rooftop. Amaryllis opened a portal to hell.
The fallen king disappeared to the golden ring hovering in the air.
‘Good riddance,’ said Eddy.
‘Frow, where did you get that grenade,’ Helena wanted to know.
‘Jed gave it to me,’ Eddy whispered.
He would never show it, but he missed his friend terribly, a brave man who gave his life to save the city.

The End

The puppeteer (part 2) – a short story

Amaryllis looked around her with an evil delight on her twisted face.
‘Who’s next on the chopping block? How about you, Eddy? You want to be sacrificed and go to hell to serve in my legions. Or are you going to fetch that tiny six-shooter out of your pants and try to kill me?’
Lightening fast, Eddy pulled his gun and shot Amaryllis through her heart and head.
She collapsed to the floor.
‘You killed her,’ Jed said, surprised.
‘And Helena is still a statue,’ Debbie remarked.
A gruesome creature emerged out of black fog.
‘Poor Eddy, you didn’t think it was going to be so easy, now did you? I’ll kill you all. Because you spread the fake rumor in hell, you killed me weeks ago.’
Jed fired his AK-47 at the demon towering above them. His horns were scraping against the roof.
Debbie took a single shot at him with her sniper rifle. She hit him between the eyes.
‘Enough,’ Asmodeus bellowed, ‘to hell with you all.’
He moved his wrist and made a circular motion.
Suddenly Eddie, Jed, and Debbie disappeared.
They first perceived the intense smell of sulfur in the darkness.
‘Where are we,’ whispered Debbie.
‘In hell,’ a ghostly apparition said to her.
‘Helena, is that you?’
‘Kind of, it’s my spirit,’ Helena said.
‘And mine.’
A woman stepped out of the shadows.
Eddy froze and touched his katana.
‘Don’t worry. I am not possessed. The demon occupies my body. I am my soul,’ Amaryllis said.
‘Hey guys, I don’t like it here. How about leaving?’ Jed insisted.
‘Someone got a roadmap of hell?’ Eddy asked.
‘Eddy, this not the moment for lame jokes,’ Helena scolded him.
‘I know the way out,’ Amaryllis said, but a giant demon guards the portal.’
‘Well will take care of him. Lead the way,’ Eddy said.
‘Watch out for the spider demons,’ said Amaryllis.
‘What’s that?’ asked Eddy. Suddenly a wire caught his head and flipped him over. It was sticky webbing. On the ceiling hung a sizeable spiderlike creature.
Jed fired some rounds. The spider shrieked and let go of his prey.
Eddy saw nothing with the webbings in his eyes, but he still fired a couple of rounds in the direction, hitting the spider in the head.
They traveled for a couple of hours.
‘In this cave is the portal,’ Amaryllis whispered ‘it will take us back to the attic.’
‘Or what’s left of it,’ Debbie replied.
A colossal troll guarded the gateway. The beast had a rather large club in his hand.
Debbie aimed for the head and shot. She missed. The gargantuan came running towards them with foam on his mouth, his fangs gliding over his fat lips.
Eddie pulled his shooters.
He hit the troll nicely in the head.
But the skull withstood the bullet.
‘Damned,’ Eddy cursed.
Jed opened fire. He fired a grenade from his AK-47.
The troll was staggering back and falling.
‘Hurry, through the portal,’ Amaryllis yelled.
They jumped through the red floating disc.
Then they were back on earth. Amaryllis, however, lay dead on the floor.
‘Fast get the healing crystal,’ Helena said, who was no longer a statue.
‘Where is Asmodeus?’ asked Debbie.
‘One problem at a time, dear,’ Helena shushed her.
They placed the stone on Amaryllis, her head. It started flickering and then burned brightly green.
After what seemed hours, she started to move.
‘I have such a headache,’ Amaryllis groaned.
‘Well, you’ll have the use a spell to get the bullet out too, I am afraid,’ said Eddy.
‘Okay, we are all back, but where is that demon?’
‘I have a bad feeling we’ll soon find out,’ Helena said.

To be continued…

First part: