You find me on google – about life

Today I had a pleasant surprise. My site was looked up by google. I am important enough now to be noticed by the search engine. I want to thank all of you, especially my followers and people who reblog my stuff. I couldn’t have done it without your help.

It was always a personal goal of mine to get a site on google. Now that dream is fulfilled. I can scratch it of my bucketlist.

I had a couple of rough days. The personality disorder hit me pretty hard, for the half of the time I lived in a fantasy world. I was hateful and suicidal. That’s over now. But my doctor gives me Abilify now. A medicine that makes my hands tremble and gives tremors in the face. I am not enough of a freak already with my scars and burning wounds. Now I can’t sit still anymore either.

But I am available on google and that’s all that counts today. I will be blogging my ass off to improve my site further.

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