Welcome to the seesaw – a poem

Going up,
going down,
the seesaw called my mind.
Feeling a God in the night, no sleep for three days.
Mixing my music,
I want to be as big as Charlotte De Witte.
Or Amelie Lens.
Top Dj’s.
I think I can beat them in a contest.
At least when I am manic.
But today I feel like shit,
the depression hit hard.
About ten percent of my life I am truly happy,
all the rest is misery and grief.
Other people experience the same, but the curve is flattened.
They know moments of indifference or boredom,
those feelings are alien to me.
Just as love is strange to me.
A physical attraction has never occurred to me.
Maybe once,
when I looked in the mirror.

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