Void goes into town – a short story

He brushed his gray hair, he had put gel in it to make it stay in position. He wore a black shirt, a grey jeans and white sneakers. On his face rested a pair of sunglasses.

Normally you would find him in a jogging trouser with a T-shirt working on his computer. But he got trolled very hard online, now they hacked his computer. And somebody had to pay for that.
The IP-tracker showed no signs of a VPN, what means it was a real IP-address. It came from in the neighborhood. The hacker could live a street away from him.
Michael just would have called a computer repair service. But not Void. This was personal. Touch my laptop and die was his motto. He pulled his razor-sharp bowie knife out of his belt, slashed a plant with it standing in the living room. Dad loved plants. Void found them useless and destroyed them rather.
He put on his leather jacket and left the house.
The smartphone led him to a villa in the next street. He rang the doorbell.
‘Yes?’ an elderly man asked after opening the door.
‘Is your son at home?’ Void asked.
‘Yes, he is studying.’
‘Studying to break into computers you mean?’
‘Who are you?’ the man asked irritated.
That was the wrong action, and every action caused a reaction.
So, the sharp blade sliced his throat. The body collapsed. The man desperately tried to keep his severed artery from pumping blood in the air.
Void whistled a tune out of the movie ‘A streetcar named desire’ and stepped inside. He saw light in the basement. Just the place where you could find rodents.
He kicked down the locked door and jumped the stairs. A baffled twenty-year old stood frozen in front of his desktop, his gaming chair fell to the floor.
‘I am here to let you know my laptop is off-limits, punk.’
‘What are you going to do with that knife.’
Void stabbed him in the leg.
‘I hit your carotid artery; you are gonna bleed to dead if you don’t get a tourniquet soon. I’ll be happy to call an ambulance if you give me all your money.’
He whined and sighed. He gestured to his head to a chest on the table. Void turned the lock with the key that was attached to it and found five hundred dollars.
He put them in his pocket.
‘Now are you going to call the ambulance?’ the boy asked desperately.
‘No, I am not in the mood. I’ve got money to spend, seek something to tie the artery close with. You have about ten minutes for you pass out.’
Void left the house in a happy mood. He smoked a cigarette. Michael had quit smoking, Void did not. He went home and put the glasses back on after having washed the gel out of his hair and a change of clothes.

Michael asked himself where the three hours went after he took his nap.

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