Reality is stranger than fiction – a poem

I have sometimes black holes in my memory,
my mom caught me screaming the words “I am Void” while jumping on a chair.
I am afraid of heights, normally I wouldn’t have climbed that chair.
To be fair I have a lot of those moments.
Reality and fiction intermingle,
like a modern-day Jekyll and Hyde.
This Void character is everything I am not.
He doesn’t lack self-esteem; he does not care about a living soul.
Maybe he is evil, cynical absolutely and a misanthrope full-blooded.
I am afraid this Void will overpower me, and become the dominant one.
I have sometimes violence, vengeful thoughts.
I haven’t got the heart nor spine to bring them about.
But Void may be lacking that restraint.
He has his humanity switch turned to zero.
He scares me profoundly.


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