Going swimming – about life

Today we are going swimming with the patients in the hospital. I will imitate a sinking brick because I haven’t swum in ages. Nobody gets me on the plank to make summersaults or just extremities. I am going to stay in shallow waters.

Hopefully nobody loses his snot in the swimming pool or starts peeing in it. (Both I have experienced.)

The problem is I can’t keep my glasses on, and I am as blind as a bat without them. I’ll need to have a partner I can follow around. I am not sure who is suitable for that without feeling annoyed or thinking I am some kind of stalker.

The chlorine in the water will make my eyes start to run again. A most uncomfortable feeling.
My dad went out to by swimming pants for me yesterday so I could come along on this trip. So, we’ll make the best of it. Mayve they’ll need to safe and reanimate me. Or I keep a feet fungus as souvenir to this event.

The next post will go over my experience. I got to move, or they are gone without me.


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