Eddy’s squad against the Avengers – a short story

It couldn’t go on unnoticed. Eddy drinking blood from bystanders, causing hundred thousand in damages. New York would react, and it would send out its defenders. The avengers!
The Quinjet landed right in front of the house they bought from the dead man who was the slave of Asmodeus, a demon they bested.
Ironman appeared.
‘Ladies and not so gentlemen, outside with your hands up.’
‘Helena who is that meatball in the iron suit,’ Eddy asked.
‘Fuck, that are the fucking avengers,’ said Debbie in shock.
‘Language, dear,’ Eddy said still not understanding the gravity of the situation ‘with such a pottymouth you can’t expect to suck humans dry.’
‘Don’t you understand? They are her to arrest us.’
‘Arrest us, I now my constitutional rights,’ Eddy screamed, he pulled his six-shooter and opened the front door. He emptied the gun on Ironman’s armor.
‘Throw away the gun, please, before someone gets hurt,’ said Ironman.
‘Persistent bugger, aren’t ya.’ Eddy said and he got inside to fetch his rocket launcher he kept for larger demons.
This time he managed to severely damage Ironman’s armor. Captain America summoned to attack. The Hulk came crashing to the kitchen. Thor blew his way through the ceiling.
Amaryllis came out of her room and saw it happening.
Her friends were beaten mercilessly.
She trembled with anger and summoned a spell that was particularly potent.
Every enemy from the avengers appeared in the street and was there with a single goal.
To destroy the avengers.
‘Look out it’s doctor Doom and Kang the Conqueror,’ said Captain America.
The avengers fought for their life.
‘Maybe not such a smart move, kiddo,’ Eddy said to Amaryllis ‘now we have to help these clowns.’
Helena shot her crossbow with exploding arrows. She damaged Ultron, a dangerous artificial lifeform dedicated to end all biological life.
Hawkeye also was adept with his bow. He took out some other super villains.
Eddy knocked hydra-agents out cold and took on the Red Skull.
‘Ich bin dein Meister, Vampyr,’ the Red Skull said.
‘Yeah, sure buddy. Here you go,’ Eddy kicked the Skull out of a room on the sixth floor.
Amaryllis revoked the spell. All enemies disappeared immediately.
‘You aren’t supervillains teaming up against us,’ said Captain America.
‘That still makes them no innocent civilians, Steve,’ Ironman said mad because his fancy armor was busted.
‘Can somebody call of this green freak, he is bashing the walls,’ Debbie yelled.’
‘Come friend Hulk we go our way, these vampires are no enemies of us,’ said Thor and he pulled Hulk out of the kitchen.
‘Look let’s keep this nice and simple. You handle the demons, and we take care of the other threats. I know Simmelweiss pays you for their corpses but none of us here are boy scouts. You can live with that, capice?’ said Ironman.
Eddy grinned. ‘On one condition, let me suck some blood of that green behemoth of yours.’
‘You really want no gamma radiated blood in your body, mister….’
‘Eddy, just Eddy. Or call me the Dude.’
‘Leave him, Steve, he is definitely crazy.’ Ironman sighed.
After that the Avengers went their way, and the gang went seeking for a new house.

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