The puppeteer (part 2) – a short story

Amaryllis looked around her with an evil delight on her twisted face.
‘Who’s next on the chopping block? How about you, Eddy? You want to be sacrificed and go to hell to serve in my legions. Or are you going to fetch that tiny six-shooter out of your pants and try to kill me?’
Lightening fast, Eddy pulled his gun and shot Amaryllis through her heart and head.
She collapsed to the floor.
‘You killed her,’ Jed said, surprised.
‘And Helena is still a statue,’ Debbie remarked.
A gruesome creature emerged out of black fog.
‘Poor Eddy, you didn’t think it was going to be so easy, now did you? I’ll kill you all. Because you spread the fake rumor in hell, you killed me weeks ago.’
Jed fired his AK-47 at the demon towering above them. His horns were scraping against the roof.
Debbie took a single shot at him with her sniper rifle. She hit him between the eyes.
‘Enough,’ Asmodeus bellowed, ‘to hell with you all.’
He moved his wrist and made a circular motion.
Suddenly Eddie, Jed, and Debbie disappeared.
They first perceived the intense smell of sulfur in the darkness.
‘Where are we,’ whispered Debbie.
‘In hell,’ a ghostly apparition said to her.
‘Helena, is that you?’
‘Kind of, it’s my spirit,’ Helena said.
‘And mine.’
A woman stepped out of the shadows.
Eddy froze and touched his katana.
‘Don’t worry. I am not possessed. The demon occupies my body. I am my soul,’ Amaryllis said.
‘Hey guys, I don’t like it here. How about leaving?’ Jed insisted.
‘Someone got a roadmap of hell?’ Eddy asked.
‘Eddy, this not the moment for lame jokes,’ Helena scolded him.
‘I know the way out,’ Amaryllis said, but a giant demon guards the portal.’
‘Well will take care of him. Lead the way,’ Eddy said.
‘Watch out for the spider demons,’ said Amaryllis.
‘What’s that?’ asked Eddy. Suddenly a wire caught his head and flipped him over. It was sticky webbing. On the ceiling hung a sizeable spiderlike creature.
Jed fired some rounds. The spider shrieked and let go of his prey.
Eddy saw nothing with the webbings in his eyes, but he still fired a couple of rounds in the direction, hitting the spider in the head.
They traveled for a couple of hours.
‘In this cave is the portal,’ Amaryllis whispered ‘it will take us back to the attic.’
‘Or what’s left of it,’ Debbie replied.
A colossal troll guarded the gateway. The beast had a rather large club in his hand.
Debbie aimed for the head and shot. She missed. The gargantuan came running towards them with foam on his mouth, his fangs gliding over his fat lips.
Eddie pulled his shooters.
He hit the troll nicely in the head.
But the skull withstood the bullet.
‘Damned,’ Eddy cursed.
Jed opened fire. He fired a grenade from his AK-47.
The troll was staggering back and falling.
‘Hurry, through the portal,’ Amaryllis yelled.
They jumped through the red floating disc.
Then they were back on earth. Amaryllis, however, lay dead on the floor.
‘Fast get the healing crystal,’ Helena said, who was no longer a statue.
‘Where is Asmodeus?’ asked Debbie.
‘One problem at a time, dear,’ Helena shushed her.
They placed the stone on Amaryllis, her head. It started flickering and then burned brightly green.
After what seemed hours, she started to move.
‘I have such a headache,’ Amaryllis groaned.
‘Well, you’ll have the use a spell to get the bullet out too, I am afraid,’ said Eddy.
‘Okay, we are all back, but where is that demon?’
‘I have a bad feeling we’ll soon find out,’ Helena said.

To be continued…

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