Siren’s song – a poem

Three beauttiful women captured on an island,

when they sing everything slips out the captain’s hand.

He wrecks his ship, dooms de fate of his crew.

That’s how the sirens screw with you.

Until Samuel the deaf landed safely on their island.

The three infuriated vixens attacked him,

their claws razorsharp.

Samuel in a whim, told his group to disband,

he engaged them through time’s warp,

a portal protected on the island.

He stabbed and slashed

coralred sand.

The decapitated women lay at his feet.

When he saw the golden vocalchords,

he began to understand

why they lay so many wrecks beneath.

He made a musical instrument from the bodyparts,

and that’s how the violin his upmarch starts.

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