Last post – about life

I am lonely. I am messed up. This will be my final post on WordPress. I want to thank all the readers for their support. But today something happened that can’t be undone.

I grasped for a straw and it got wanked away from me.

I’ll be ending my misery for once and all.

Life was good the first three years, from then on it was downhill.

Greetings, and see you in the afterlife,

Michael Janssens


  1. No, please be okay. It’s never late. Where there’s life, there’s hope. Jesus is always there. Hang in there and call on him. I’ll say a prayer for you.

  2. Your poems are amazing and I just found you…you can’t go now!!!!! I took about a 6 month hiatus from here…maybe some time away is good for your own mental health but please please come back!!

  3. Hi,

    I know we just met online recently and it gives me no real say in your life. I just hope you didn’t end it all. We can all stare into the abyss but we should never dive in. Things can get better in unexpected times and you’ll look back and be glad you saved yourself.

    Keep going.

    1. The suicide didn’t work. I was in time in the emergency room to survive it. I feel better now. The depression is gone. I’ll send a few pictures of my dog to you. We got her today.

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