The team versus Lilith – flash fiction

Amaryllis was in town when Eddie and Helena planned their attack on Lilith. Because the young sorceress just had had a run-in with Mallus, who tried to kill her in Kentucky, she was looking for shelter.
Vance saw her approach the van.
‘What do you want?’ he asked, bad-tempered.
‘A place to sleep for the night. If you have the place at least.’
‘What’s that blue alien doing in our transportation?’ Helena wanted to know.
‘Alien?’ Vance echoed.
‘You can’t see that she is blue, can you mate?’ Eddie grinned. ‘it’s a common mistake for a mortal not to spot a sorceress.’
‘I don’t know you people; I am coming from another planet. Aludra was my birthplace,’ Amaryllis said.
‘Can be, but you are here now. If you help us out, we can fix you accommodations that are more luxurious than the floor of a van.’
‘Who are you after?’ Amaryllis wanted to know.
‘Lilith, queen of the freaking underworld,’ I suppose, Eddie mentioned.
‘She has something against men,’ Helena added dryly. ‘She can’t imagine why those pigs are such a great company to keep.’
‘Hey, you hurting my feelings, Luv,’ Eddie responded.
‘The only thing you manage to bruise is your ego, sugar,’ Helena said, ‘and what’s your story, Amaryllis? Can’t you return to your planet?’
‘Everybody I knew, Mallus and his minions butchered. Once I would inherit the throne to Freiburg, a prosperous kingdom, but It couldn’t be.’
‘How did you arrive on earth?’ Vance asked.
‘Through a portal, a stable wormhole between our two realms.’
‘Maybe we can send you back someday; we want to help,’ Helena offered.
‘It would take an army to get me back on my feet,’ Amaryllis sighed.
‘Alright, enough talk about fantasy kingdoms; we have work to do,’ Eddie grunted. He stepped out and chased away a vagrant urinating against the van.
From a flask, he took a sip of blood. He was opening the window he offered Amarayllis some.
‘No, thank you, Eddie; I am not accustomed to drinking blood.’
‘Eddie, leave her alone and start the motor. I want to touch my coffin this night, so let’s chase that witch out as quickly as possible.’
‘Yes, Helena, Luv.’
They didn’t find her at the seafront. In the Horny Lobster, however, some possessed sailors were searching for a fight.
Eddie punched one over the counter and had himself a drink.
‘These guys are mostly out of it,’ Vance said, carrying a gun ‘they seem possessed.’
‘I can feel an entity has frozen their souls,’ Amaryllis whispered.
‘Well, look what the cat dragged in,’ a grinning woman said with a mischievous delight walking down the stairs.
Eddie took a shot at her with his enchanted six-shooter.
Lilith snatched the bullet out of the air.
‘Please, more parlor tricks, dear, I am getting bored.’
Helena fired a crossbow bolt.
‘Maybe this offers some entertainment. The Vampire Huntress managed to hit Lilith in the leg.
‘You will regret that impudent child,’ Lilith hissed.
Vance stood frozen. He became enchanted by the snakes swirling through Lilith’s hair.
Amaryllis took control of the situation and hurled a lightning bolt at the arch demon of the Sixth Circle of Hell.
Lilith screamed in anger. Amaryllis had severely burned her flesh.
‘You’ll all pay for this transgression, fools,’ she yelled. ‘I’ll chase you to the end of the earth to get my revenge.’
‘You are going nowhere,’ Helena said, launching an attack with her enchanted Witchblade.
‘I’ll cut your eyes out with that trinket,’ Lilith said.
Caught in midair, Helena wasn’t able to move.
Eddie pulled out his katana and beheaded Lilith.
Still, she was not beaten. Snakes erupted from her body, deadly poisonous ones ready to strike.
Amaryllis froze the inn’s floor, saving her companions’ life.
‘What happened?’ Vance asked, bewildered.
‘Nice of you to snap out of it, lad,’ Eddie said ‘we just managed to beat that hag without your help. I say applause is for the sorceress.’ He pulled his flask out again and took a sip of blood.
‘Simmelweiss will give a nice price for her if we can manage to pick up the pieces.’ Helena said, ‘her head is important, Eddie, be sure to bag that.’
And so it came to be that the team was strengthened with a girl from a distant planet dreaming of her Homestar every night she was accepted rest.

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