Seeing doctor Simmelweiss – flash fiction

Helena and Eddie wanted to disperse the corpses. The dead demons in the van started to smell, and Eddie wanted to get paid. They drove to the factory of doctor Simmelweiss, a Swizz immigrant who specialized in alchemy.
He was friendly as always. He was wearing a costume behind his desk, unregarding it was sweltering in the room. The smell of boiling flesh was noticeable in the factory. They fabricate several magic potions from deceased Demons.
The doctor lit a cigar.
‘So, what do you have for me today, my friend?’ he asked cheerfully. He had conducted business with Eddie and Helena on several occasions.
‘Three dead zombies and a headless predator.’
‘Oh, the last one is particularly in demand and rare,’ Simmelweiss remarked. I’ll pay you a thousand dollars for the lot.’
‘Helena nibbled on the zombies, I must warn you, Eddie said
‘That doesn’t matter; they go in the oven anyway; we can only use their ashes.
They entered the factory carrying their quarry. In a meat wagon, they disposed of their burden. Simmelweiss produced a wallet and paid them quickly.
In the corner stood Jericho, a preacher with a piece of excellent knowledge about the Demonic race. He came walking up to them.
‘You want to bag an arch demon? He asked without introductions.’
‘Sure,’ Eddie said, ‘you know one to find?’
‘Check the cemetery on Park hill; he is resurrecting zombies and creating mutants for Satan to employ.’
‘We will put a silver bullet through his head,’ Eddie reassured him, ‘and to be sure, I’ll decapitate him with my cursed Katana.’
‘No, way, you don’t go hogging all the action. I’ll stab Archie with my knife and hit him with a crossbow bolt,’ Helena complained.
‘I’ll race you to the top, dear, may the best hunter win,’ Eddie grinned.
They didn’t realize at that moment they wear marching off to a war they couldn’t possibly hope to win.

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