Fantasy world

In 2150 we are all connected to Cybernet. We won’t be using our eyes anymore. Goggles will be the new normal. Everybody will live in his or her fantasy world. Be the hero or villain of their own realm. People won’t talk to each other anymore in real life. Everything will be done via chatrooms or instant messaging. The world will be a very different place. The inhabitable West will know his share of calamities true climate change. But clothes suited to regulate temperature levels will keep it bearable.

The first wars for drinkable water are well under way. The US is in a bitter struggle with Russia-China and the world is a much unsafer place to grow up in. But those hooked to Cybernet are all quite oblivious of that.
‘Jen, you wonna slay a dragon?’ popped up on the screen of the goggles.
It was Tira, Jen’s regular playing companion on Fantasy Quest, a role playing game.
‘Count me in, were do we meet?’
‘Mount Doom, be sure to be on the look out for Specter’s.’
‘My bow and arrow are at your service, Tira, let’s kick some ass.’
She was immediately transported to her fantasy world.
Jen was baffled. There was a cloaked man waiting for her. He held a rapier. His face was hidden behind a gold mask.
Without saying anything he launched an attack. Killing Jen in the digital realm.

In real life she dropped to the ground, foaming at the mouth, brain dead.
‘I am the world greatest hacker,’ the man in the mask said ‘and now all indolent pretenders on Cybernet will pay the price for looking away.’

The constant attacks and dead users did Cybernet in. It was abolished in 2170. Nobody got to knew the identity of the mysterious hacker. The only thing he wanted out of this was people opened their eyes to the dire circumstances in the real world.

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