Atlantis – a poem

Where are you, oh drowned city.
With your advanced civilization that could teach us many things.
Are you able to breathe under water,
did you somehow survive?
Maybe you are hidden deep in the Mariana Trench.
Far away from prying human eyes.
Mermaids and sirens swimming around,
making that lovely humming sound.
It must be a paradise there,
streets paved with gold,
gigantic statues.
Sometimes, when all goes not well,
I like to fantasize about such a place.

Reunited – a flash fiction

Three days and nights passed. It was time to dig Debbie and Jed up. For their first meal, Eddie had kidnapped some muggers.
Helena, Amaryllis, and he were busy digging the bodies up when they saw the light coming from the distance.
‘Police?’ Helena asked.
‘Not their style, maybe a drunkard on his way home,’ Eddie said ‘keep digging. I want to be home in time for the match.’
‘Arsenal versus Liverpool. Boring,’ Helena said.
‘I think soccer players are handsome,’ Amaryllis grinned with a blush on her cheeks.
‘Yes, it’s practically pornography for women,’ Eddie laughed.
‘Funny,’ Helena said sharply.
Jed and Debbie lay in each other’s arms.
Their eyes shot open, the irises blood red.
‘So thirsty,’ Jed moaned.
Come to the house, you two. I have some special snacks for you.’
‘We are curious,’ Debbie smiled seductively. She looked very pale, she always had a tan, but it had disappeared.
Dirt covered her blonde hair. Jed was bald; he didn’t have that problem.
Helena looked over her shoulder. The light in the distance grew larger.
‘I want to know who that is,’ she said.
‘Debbie, Jed, follow me,’ said Eddie ‘you have to drink. Helena and Amaryllis are perfectly able to handle themselves.
They split up. Eddie’s apartment was not far from the burial plot, which was just an abandoned junkyard.
The muggers sat against a chair tied up.
The tape was covering their mouth.
You could read the panic in their eyes.
‘Go ahead, feast,’ Eddie grinned.
Jed immediately began sucking the biggest mugger vein, drinking his blood. Debbie was not sure what to do.
‘Isn’t it murder?’ she asked.
‘This is human trash, and you don’t have to kill them, just drink a tiny bit,’ Eddie explained ‘we will hypnotize them to forget everything and toss them down a road.
Hesitating, she stepped forward. The small man was shaking furiously with his head. Eddie hit him and knocked him out.
Debbie’s lips touched the artery.
Then she dug in.
The thirst had wiped away all her objections.

Helena and Amaryllis could distinguish a form. It was a skinny man holding a lantern.
‘Greetings,’ he grinned, ‘I am Azazel. I will be your killer tonight.’
‘An Arch Duke from hell, shit!’ Helena said. She realized she was unarmed.
Amaryllis didn’t waste any time. She fired a frost beam off, freezing the man with the long brown hair stiff.
Fire engulfed Azazel. Amaryllis knocked back.
My, my, she has a lot of potentials,’ Amaryllis giggled, possessed. Azazel had taken over her body.
‘Now let’s see how she handles fire,’ Azazel said.
He shot a fireball at Helena. Her vampiric speed could dodge the attack, but she realized she had a big problem.
She jumped into a tree with one giant leap and pulled a thick branch loose.
‘Ridiculous, you will defend yourself against a powerful sorceress with a tree branch?’ Azazel mocked her.
Then he was knocked back. In the distance, a shot sounded. It was Debbie with her sniper rifle. She felt Helena’s distress through her new psychic abilities, like telepathy.
Amaryllis sunk against the ground. She wasn’t conscious anymore.
Azazel tried finding another body, but Eddie showed him a silver crucifix with precious gems. The Arch Duke of hell screamed.
‘You bastard, that burns,’ he screamed.
‘Bugger off, or we will end you,’ Eddie said.
‘I have a task from Satan. I can’t return as long as you aren’t all dead.’
He stayed in a ghostly form floating above the ground.
Helena bent and got the healing crystal out of Amaryllis’s satchel. She placed it on the shot wound. Luckily it wasn’t a headshot. Her breathing was shallow.
Jed asked:’ how will you handle this freak?’
‘Well, as long as he remains as this, we can’t do pretty much. Just make sure he doesn’t touch you.’
It was too late. Azazel made contact with Debbie. She immediately aimed her rifle at Jed’s head.
‘Honey, you don’t want to do that.’
Eddie pulled his gun and shot Debbie in the thigh.
Azazel jumped out of her, scared away by the pain.
‘You are all mad,’ he said ‘you shoot your companions.’
Amaryllis opened her eyes and whispered something. An iridescent blue light engulfed Azazel, who regained his solid state.
Eddie immediately decapitated the demon.
‘Simmelweiss will be happy with this new resource. Imagine what for medicals he can make with this bugger.’
Amaryllis stood up and hugged Helena, then she bent over and placed the crystal on Debbie’s bloody thigh.
‘Well, you survived your first mission as full-fledged vampires, congratulations,’ Eddie said ‘we missed the first half of the soccer game. Let’s get pissed in a bar.’
‘I can drink some more blood,’ Jed grinned.
‘Hypnotize, drink, wipe the memory.’ Eddie said, slapping him on the shoulder.
‘Let the men go drinking. We can watch Netflix instead,’ Helena said, ‘then we something decent instead of always that bloody sports programs.’
‘I am still a little sour from that shot,’ Amaryllis said. ‘I am turning in early this evening.’
‘And you, Debs?’
‘Just nothing romantic, please,’ Debbie answered, ‘fantasy, action, or science fiction.’
‘Well, since it is your first birthday, you may choose,’ Helena laughed. She rested her head with the curly black hair on Debbie’s shoulder while they were walking home.

Accident – a poem

The tour bus was crowded with teenagers,
excited about their next adventure;
The roads slippery, in a dilapidated state;
The driver lost control over his vehicle,
the canyon begged them to fill it.
The bus tumbled down,
he caught fire.
None survived.
A tragic accident,
it reinforces our belief that heavenly justice,
is incomprehensible by man.

Anorexic – a poem

To protect this citizen temporary,
we have to force feed her.
She has an eating disorder,
she is one of many.
Lied by manipulated photos on social media.
Her life hangs in the balance,
her bones poking out.
She is a shadow of herself,
almost a ghost.
Skulking about with feet heavy to lift.

Rain and drought – a poem

Some countries have trouble supplying water,
under the relentless, scorching sun everything evaporates.
It’s to hot to be doing anything,
the heatwave struck hard.
There was no place to hide,
people without air conditioning had a bad time.
On the other hand,
Pakistan is flooded.
People death or homeless.
It will cost a lot of money, effort and rebuilding.
And whose to say we won’t see the same next year?
Climate change is very real,
and it’s the biggest threat.
It’s the planet waging war against ourselves.

Old pages – a poem

Even books have an expiration date,
the wisdom stored in them forever lost.
Tales forgotten,
like a cut of tree that used to stand their,
you have found memories of it,
but it disappeared.
Books are a great way of making your world larger,
foster your fantasy,
travel to space and time.
I love reading,
happily I haven’t ruined a book yet.