The haunted lake – a short story

Once a year they visited the lake. They brought tents with them, food, beer and some pot.
They got high, got the giggles and told each other stupid stories. They were friends from high school who stayed in touch.

‘I have to take a piss, I’ll be right back,’ Steve said stumbling through the bushes.
‘Oh, are you shy to show your wiener,’ Angelica teased him.
After half an hour they started to miss him.
‘Brad, go look for Steve, but be cautious, maybe there is a wild animal on the prowl,’ Debbie said.
‘Why do I always have to babysit that guy,’ Brad cursed but stood up and moved through the bushes anyway.
Suddenly the twigs started moving. A blind, old lady stepped out of the shrubbery and pointed at Debbie and Angelica.
‘Intruders,’ she hissed ‘this is a holy place. She took out a bag, something was oozing out of it. They couldn’t make it out because it was so dark.
She threw out the content. It was the head of Steve and Brad frozen in horror.
Angelica and Debbie screamed in terror.
‘The two of you should be enough to restore my youth and eyesight,’ murmured the crazy, old lady drawing an Atame, a witch’s knife.
Debbie and Angelica started to run. They didn’t knew where they were going or where the parked the car. Blind panic overcame them.
Debbie who was in a bad condition started lagging behind. She was grabbed by something. She screamed.
A ferocious black panther clawed her back open. Angelica watched it in terror, took a branch and turned back to help her friend.
It was no use, Debby had already bled to death.
The panther quickly glanced at Angelica still holding the thick branch. She swung as hard as she could, hitting him on the head. The beast shook his head in anger and leaped forward sinking his teeth in Angelica’s neck.

The police founded the corpses a couple of days later. Raven had gotten their feast on the remains. A beautiful woman left the woods.
‘Mam, did you see somebody here who could be responsible for this massacre,’ a cop asked the woman.
‘Not a single one, officer, I just arrived today you see,’ she said innocent. She tried to hid an evil smile.

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