Versus Thanos – a short story

The Avengers figured out Thanos was behind the attack from the D.C. universe on their own world. Suspecting he has control of the infinity stones again they prepare for a deep space mission.
‘Captain Marvel, you fly ahead. I don’t want any nasty surprises when we arrive,’ Iron Man ordered.
‘What do I do if I make contact?’ the blonde superhero asked.
‘Don’t, I repeat do not engage,’ said Captain America ‘just report back. If your not back here in an hour we come to your rescue.’
‘Bwa, Hulk hates waiting, let’s smash that purple freak right now.’
‘Remember friend Thor, he kicked your ass the last time you met,’ Thor teased him.
‘He cheated, with his little stones,’ Hulk sulked.

After an hour their was no sign of Captain Marvel.’
‘That’s it, the wait is over,’ Captain America said gloomy ‘fire up the Quinjets.’
They flew to the dark side of the moon, the possible hiding place of Thanos. They were greeted by a hail of comets coming at them with great velocity.
‘Use the board cannons, Hulk and Thor, go outside and crush as many of these rocks, I’ll go with you,’ Iron Man said in his deep space suit.
Miraculously they weren’t hit. Hulk pulverized the stones with his bare fists. Thor hit them with concentrated lightening and Iron Man used his Unibeam.
Hasty they landed on the moon’s surface.
A purple figure stood waiting for them with crossed arms and an evil grin.
‘So you come to your death as eager lambs,’ he said with an unearthly voice.
Besides him stood Captain Marvel, completely encased in ice.
‘She makes a beautiful ornament doesn’t she?’ Thanos asked cruelly.
Iron Man used his repulsorblast to free her. But Thanos deflected it back to him.
‘Suit at 80%, Sir, I advice against such a brass action again,’ his onboard computer said.
‘Thanks, Jarvis, I didn’t figured that out yet,’ Tony grunted sarcastically.
Hulk stormed forth, attacking Thanos head on. They exchanged blows and it didn’t look good for the Green Giant. The Powerstone have Thanos an unwelcome advantage.
Hawkeye aimed an arrow.
‘I hope this works,’ he said.
The arrow landed a couple of meters of Thanos. It emitted a powerful noise. Thanos had to hold his ears. Hulk planted a blow right on his chin.
Captain America threw his shield. It hit the gauntlet with the stones. Black Widow concentrated fire on it while Tony attempted to free Captain Marvel for the second time. This time he succeeded. She immediately took of and flew over Thanos whisking his gauntlet from his wrist. Afterwards she blasted him with cosmic energy. The Mad Titan hit the ground.
‘This was our last bout, Thanos, I place you outside time,’ Iron Man said fitting the gauntlet flicking his fingers.
Thanos screamed in anger and faded away.
‘Tony, are you okay?’ Captain America asked ‘the last time you used the stones you died.’
‘This modified deep space suit is sturdier than the previous version,’ Tony boasted.
Back on earth they held a little party. Thor and Hulk arm wrestled. Tony encouraged them drinking a mocktail.

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