One pill a day makes – about life

I need medication to balance my mind. Today the supply in the pharmacist was sold out. I went to three others. Same problem. They expected it would take weeks to fill up their stocks because the pills weren’t available in the country at the moment.

I panicked. I get anxiety attacks without them. How can a civilized country like Belgium run out of medication?

So I lock myself in my home until the time comes to go to the pharmacist again. I bought a lot of conserves, food that will expire slowly. Cursing the health system a fear for the worst.

For sane people it is a breeze in the park to go outside. But for me it’s absolute horror. I start to sweat, get dizzy and when the attack is at it’s worst I can pass out through hyperventilating.

I hope the pills are available soon. Otherwise I’ll have to consider venturing out to meet my psychiatrist and have her subscribe an alternative. Problem is, I have to go outside for that too!

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