The organization,
made a harsh declaration.
119 people would be led off.
This number above,
will be out of a job suddenly,
not be able to provide for their family.
This poem sadly is true,
it could happen to you.
In my country the television station of the state,
had a furious debate,
about transformation
desecration of employees rights,
the right to earn a living.
Not a shit the managers are giving,
for decent lives being upset,
you don’t always get
what you deserve,
life is a learning curve.
faith’s favorite tune.

Blindfold and butterfly

The butterfly
on my blindfold,
wants me to turn caterpillar.
See it from another perspective,
stop being so blind.
For every feeling hurt,
there are starving people.
All problems compared,
to the world’s troubles
small they suddenly seem.
So the butterfly on my blindfold,
it really wants me to see clearly.


It was at a rowdy party,
we decided to take LSD.
It wasn’t a great idea.
The trip was bad,
the outcome sad.
Brad, he thought he could fly,
why did he jump out of the window?
The high to young to leave a widow.
Drugs can really mess you up,
make you think you are a tea cup
alien beings,
all strange it seems.
It’s better to steer away,
it leads only to misery and decay.


My friends lost me,
ejected like the urine that I pee.
They weren’t around,
when I was by problem’s bound.
I needed help,
they made me yelp.
It didn’t change a thing,
they wouldn’t take me in.
not returning your calls.
No respect,
for true friendship they don’t have the balls.

Cat’s present

You go your own way,
going out for hunt and play,
Catch a mouse,
kill it’s spouse.
Take a bird,
follow it through mud and dirt.
It’s your nature to do so,
I just have to let you go.
But you come back,
for warmth and a snack.
Your dead preys you leave at my doorstep,
a present,
captured under a moon crescent,
greater menace than the spider’s web.

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My dog

When I first met you,
you fitted in my hands.
The car ride was stressful,
you whined.
Far away from your mother,
brothers and sisters
you found a new home.
We cared for you,
and you loved us all.
You licked away my tears,
fell asleep in my lap.
Wagging tail,
catching the ball.
Our daily walks,
they were the highlight
of a day spent well.
But you grew older,
not being so fast anymore.
The cats got away,
the garden missed your presence.
Finally the final sleep,
we wept
wanted you forever with us.

Devil’s child

Conceived under a blood moon,
the devil grew in the womb.
It will become a sociopath,
leaving scattered life’s in his aftermath.
Caring only for himself,
that evil little Elf.
He will be menacing,
who doesn’t abide by his will and whim.
Should we keep him?
Change the locks,
him changing is just bullocks.
He will grow up to be a criminal,
his heart cares for others minimal.